Medical Staff

The Medical Staff Survey assists in identifying relationship breakdowns within the physician community. It provides the following benefits to both organizations as a whole and Medical Staff members specifically:

  1. Identifies the potential for lost referrals
  2. Identifies perceived quality concerns
  3. Identifies weak areas for recruitment
  4. Provides an overall evaluation of the Medical Staff - by the Medical Staff
It can also be used as a method for evaluating hospital-based physician performance.

The purpose of this survey is to measure the current level of satisfaction each physician has with other physicians/physician departments with whom they interact. If your Medical Staff has stated service expectations in place, we will work with you to develop statements to best measure how these standards are being met. If service expectations are not currently defined, we can provide you with a number of options from which to choose. The statements range in scope from:
  • Quality of care provided (including timeliness of service), to
  • Satisfaction with physician communication.
By tailoring the statements to your Medical Staff, we help you establish a benchmark from which to develop your improvement priorities. We recommend using between five and ten statements and encourage the inclusion of ALL physician groups in the survey process. In this way, the most comprehensive, useful outcomes can be achieved and consistent expectations will be reinforced throughout the Medical Staff.

Click on the links below to view sections of a survey as
well as typical data reports.

  • Survey Instrument
  • Summary of Respondents
  • Summary by Statement for the Medical Staff Overall
  • Summary by Statement of Hosptal Departments for the Medical Staff Overall
  • Specialty Means by Statement
  • Department Means by Statement
  • Specialty Evaluations by Other Specialties
  • Specialty Evaluations by Other Specialties by Question
  • Transcribed physician comments for enhanced interpretation of results

  • Each department within the Medical Staff will also receive reports which represent how they were evaluated by each department on a by statement basis as well as summary data representing how they, as a group, evaluated other departments overall.