Physician Survey

The Physician Survey measures the degree of Physician agreement with the Hospital's strategies, work relationships and standards of service excellence for the Physician. Through a range of measurement categories and comprehensive results reporting, the survey provides insights into your organization's improvement priorities in the critical area of Physician-Hospital relations.

To develop your custom survey, we assist you in selecting those measurement categories and statements that best address your specific concerns/issues.

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well as typical data reports.

  • Survey Instrument
  • Summary of Respondents
  • Summary by Statement within Measurement Categories for the Organization Overall
  • Summary by Statement within each Measurement Category for each Specialty
  • Transcribed physician comments for enhanced interpretation of results

  • In addition to the standard reports shown, the following special reports are available from Corporate Systems:
      Executive Summary of Survey Results
      Various rankings of data (e.g., by department/specialty or category)
      Summary by Measurement Category and Statement by Tenure Group
      Ten Highest and Ten Lowest scored statements for the organization
      Vertical Horizontal Comparison
      Custom reports per your request


    • Administrative Leadership Effectiveness
    • Future Preparedness
    • Governance
    • Recruitment, Retention and Development
    • Organizational Service Competence
    • Physician & Management Team Collaboration
    • Physician Office Practice Operations
    • Resource Management
    • Vision and Values

    Sample Category Statements

    Physician & Management Team Collaboration

    1. I believe a strong relationship with this hospital is important to my practice.
    2. I feel comfortable working with other physicians to develop and implement programs to improve patient care.
    3. The medical staff overall demonstrates a strong sense of commitment to this hospital.
    4. Administration and physicians have a high degree of trust in one another.

    If any of your organization's "Strategic Issues" are not addressed by the categories listed, we are prepared to help you design statements to measure those specific concerns.